"How To Become A Movie Star In Ten Steps"

Every thing you need to know in one book

"How To Become A Movie Star In Ten Steps"


  • Everyday "A Star is Born", and it can be you!  Like in every profession there are basics which cannot be ignored or denied. Many movie stars spend numerous years struggling to learn these basics in order to get to the top.  

  • This "How to Become a Movie Star in Ten Steps" cuts through the mass of information, which you'll need in your pursuit of stardom. Each of the ten steps is succinct, to the point, and without mind boggling and unnecessary details.

  • It will guide and aid you in the absolute essentials of becoming a movie star; starting with a creative visualization of your first Academy Award; preparing to be an actor; setting realistic goals; suggested readings; movies to study; preparing a perfect monologue; head shot formats & sample resumes; actor's survival necessities; key cinema trade subscriptions, suggested unions to join, getting an agent; listings of agents and managers; top acting classes and secrets to joining them; getting a job in independent films, theater and student films as an extra; What Not To Do, and more.

  • "How to Become a Movie Star in Ten Steps" contains valuable and non-misleading web links to provide you with an exclusive access to the "Actor's Reference Links", Actor's Subscription Resources, Actor's Agents - Theatrical & Commercial, Actor's Management Agencies, Additional Extra Casting Agencies, Principal Casting Services, Stunt Actor's Casting, Voice Casting an Employment Option, Film and Television Studio Locations, Los Angeles Area Theatres, Audition and Weekly Templates, Academy Award Winners, Monologues for Women and Men, Acting Techniques by Meisner and Hagen, Safe Weight Control Techniques, Cinema Industry Magazines, All of The Most Trusted Hollywood Publications, Unions, The Top Seven LA Acting Classes, and much more.

  • Other available publications are sold at a much greater cost.  "How to Become a Movie Star in Ten Steps"- is all you need.

By paying close attention to the ten basic steps, you can be tomorrow's Academy Award winner. It's important to note that each of these ten basic steps is of equal importance.  You can bet that most of the time when you hear about an actor who has had "overnight success," that "success" resulted from nothing more than hard work, dedication, perseverance and following the "Ten Basic Steps to Becoming a Movie Star."

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